My friend told me that you allow dogs. True fact?

What's up with the name?
We named Bar Great Harry after Bar Great Harry, a small cocktail bar in the Chinatown area of Yokohama, Japan. If you go to Yokohama, look them up. You will and won't regret it.

Can I buy a bottle and take it home?
Yes, as long as you don't open it while you're at the bar. However, you can't buy Westbrook Gose cans to go. Supply too short for demand.

I left my phone, tablet, laptop, dog food, pool cue, yoga pants, fitted cap, credit card, guitar, etc. at your bar last night. Got it?
Likely. This happens often and we have a hella high return rate, largely due to the benevolence of our crowd. Contact us and we will sort it out. Include a description with some identifying trait if it is something super generic, like an iPhone.

I think I maybe left a small, cockeyed, generic black umbrella at your bar last night. Got it?
Unlikely. Half the crowd lost umbrellas and half the crowd gained umbrellas.