If you are thinking of having a party at BGH, then you’ve most likely been to BGH and know the lay of the land. We don’t reserve space in the main room for parties. We do, however, have the back room, which comes in handy for this type of thing. You can reserve the back room for semi-private parties with 15-20 people, depending on how haptophobic and/or husky your guests are. Parties are semi-private because we have three pinball machines back there along the right wall. You have to play nice with the pinball players.

On the day of the event, we will put up a sign on the big chalkboard about your party. People might be hanging out back there beforehand. When people from your party start to come, they will probably gradually take over the space. It ain't bulletproof, but it works pretty well. Things go more smoothly if you can have a couple people show up early to sort of stake a claim.

Some basics:
1. We do not charge for the room.
2. You can bring food WITHIN REASON.
3. If you bring food, then keep it clean.
4. It’s not a living room. We sell; you buy.

Contact us if you want to do this shit.